About the AAP

The US$92.1 million Africa Adaptation Programme was designed to assist 20 countries across Africa to incorporate climate change risks and opportunities into their national development processes in order to protect development gains from climate change.

Final conference knowledge products display

The AAP concluded its work in 2012

The information provided on this website and the catalogue of publications and knowledge products contained in the Resources Directory below presents the legacy of the AAP: what it set out to do, what it achieved and how it did it.

UNDP’s side event on the AAP

Leaders from Africa, Japan and UNDP highlighted the need to build on the achievements of the AAP at an event held at the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in June, 2013.

Consolidating Gains cover image

Consolidating Gains and Building Momentum

This brochure on the legacy of the AAP highlights the strong foundations for climate-resilient development that have been achieved through the Programme and the great opportunities now available to build on these.

Cover of Laying the Foundations for Climate Resilient Development

Laying the Foundations for Climate Resilient Development

This report details the achievements and lessons learned from the AAP as told by those who implemented it. It chronicles the successes of the Programme by giving a voice to the people on the ground who made it happen.

Terminal Report cover

AAP Terminal Report

The AAP's Terminal Report provides a final, formal and comprehensive review of the achievements and lessons of the Programme. It draws on reporting provided throughout the life of the Programme and builds on the previously published Annual and Quarterly Reports.

Paths, Progress, Possibilities

At the AAP’s regional conference in Dakar, representatives from almost every national team discussed on camera the main paths their projects have taken, the progress they have achieved and the possibilities now open to their countries.

Meet the AAPeople

With images of 258 AAP staff and associates, our AAPeople poster provides a visual representation of the multitudes of individuals who have been working to shift the direction of their countries’ development from risk to resilience.

Final edition of The Baobab Coalition Journal

The final Baobab Coalition Journal has now been published. View articles on work in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Rwanda, summaries of national teams’ public information and food security efforts, a feature on UNDP’s Gender Team and reflections by our experts on the projects they led.

Celebrating our Successes: AAP regional conference report

This report outlines the major findings of the AAP regional conference held in November 2012 in Dakar, Senegal, with an emphasis on lessons learned, deliverables and sustainability.